Indian Rogan Josh is The Popular Australian App! Why ?

Indian Rogan Josh

Indian Rogan Josh: Not quite a long time ago, mobile food delivery applications were limited to having a digital recipe book in the pocket! Care to fast forward to the intriguing world of mobile food ordering apps? Now it essentially translates to citizen reviews, sharing, location and more.

Nearly Two million Australians, who are more than fourteen years old (about ten percent of the entire Australian populace, nine decimal eight percent to be just precise), make good use of mobile applications these days for ordering food from the local restaurants considering an average of ninety days. The findings were revealed by the leading Australian research firm Roy Morgan in the first fiscal of 2018.

The Roy Morgan market research study primarily concentrated on the changing eating habits of the Australians and how the emergence of new age, geo-location powered meal delivery services are influencing their consumption patterns. While one of the early movers in this business space happened to be Menulog, which started its maiden journey in 2006, and eventually merged with Eatnow, recent players like Foodora, Deliveroo, and UberEeats only appeared in the scene until 2015.

The findings also revealed some startling facts about the present day Australian mobile food delivery industry and discovered that the Australians tend to considerably more shy about adopting technology driven, mobile powered food ordering solutions in comparison with their global peers.

Australia ranks a distant sixth in terms of user penetration, while the first, second, and third places are occupied by China, USA, and India respectively. Urban citizens in Australia (twelve decimal six percent) are more likely to order their meals when compared to the country dwellers (four and a half percent). Australian men (nine decimal four percent) are somewhat less interested in using such meal delivery services than women (ten decimal two percent).

However, the younger generation is found to be considerably more keen in trying the meal ordering mobile applications with a tad more than sixteen percent (sixteen decimal one to be just precise) of the Millenials or Generation Y, those who are aged between twenty-eight to forty-two years old) making up for this particular category, while the Baby Boomers and the Pre-Boomers turn out to be as little as four and a half percent and three decimal six percent respectively when compared with the former over a timeframe of three months.

The study essentially suggests that meal delivery is certainly not just about the age of the consumers but more oriented towards certain communities. The geo-psychographic segmentation clearly indicates the remarkable and steady rise of the predominantly young, well-educated, single inner-city professionals in terms of leveraging the true potential of food ordering applications.


The latest entrant to the Australian food delivery app is Indian Rogan Josh that aims to take the user experience at a level other players are yet to dream of let alone reach. The objective of coming up with such a nifty little mobile utility is to provide the end users with convenience, and functionality in a single package.

Basic Description

The Indian Rogan Josh mobile application is characterized by its thoughtfully designed and customer-friendly user interface. One could perform the following tasks with the help of this handy mobile tool that works on Android phones.

  • Order food at any given location (should be specified by the user during ordering) using the ORDER option
  • Reserve a table for friend, family, or colleagues at the dine-in hall of Indian Rogan Josh restaurant using the TABLE BOOKING facility
  • .Inquire about the services offered and choice of menus or leave feedback using the CONTACT US option
  • Rate the application at the Google Play Store using RATE THE APP facility

How to download the Indian Rogan Josh Mobile Application

Simply open the Google Play Store from your mobile and follow the instructions accordingly.

  1. Open Play store
  2. Search for ” Indian Rogen Josh “
  3. Select the Same Name App
  4. Click the Install Button
  5. Waiting for the Installation Complete.
  6. Click the Open Button to Launched the App

Benefits Rendered by the Indian Rogan Josh Mobile Application

  1. Delivery of Palatable Indian food at one’s preferred location
  2. No need to call a number and wait for someone to pick it up
  3. As everything is digitized the odds of errors are eliminated altogether

How the Indian Rogan Josh mobile application scores when compared to others

  1. Requires pretty less amount of memory for its operation and never hangs or freezes
  2. A simple, uncluttered,  and intuitive graphical user interface
  3. Loads instantly